AD-Keeper – The Integrated Solution for Business Management

AD-KEEPER provides a large range of business functions integrated into one platform and web environment. It’s able to manage any number of subsidiaries, factories, languages, currencies and accounting rules. Use granted access rights to view graphical tables and reports for decision making. You can select pre-defined reports or easily create new ones to meet your needs. AD-KEEPER is highly scalable, support to deploy on multiple servers, high transaction volume, hundreds of users and the complexity to meet the requirements of large growth businesses. AD-KEEPER has a “dictionary of applications”, as the first ERP system that allows the program to adapt and change easily “without the  needs of  coding”. To make changes and add new requirements it is no longer necessary to contact a company that specializes in system implementation, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

AD-KEEPER has an interactive web environment to access from a web browser. The web environment facilitates integration with other applications. Using open source technology can significantly reduce IT costs for infrastructure and licensing. Access to the application source code reduces the dependency on the seller and the risk of the project.

AD-KEEPER breaks the tradition of royalty costs for ERP projects. AD-KEEPER has no royalty costs, which greatly reduces the total project cost. Customers save budget without relying on software provider. With AD-KEEPER, you are independent and not alone, hundreds of companies around the world are using AD-KEEPER to support.

Commercial ERP companies looking to sell licenses, this might be their business. While AD-KEEPER deployment company provides you the best consulting, implementation and adaptation services, that is the business of the deployment company.
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