F-Ship – Connects Shop-Shipper to bring services to consumer

F-ship is designed as smart software to help connect shop owners and shippers via mobile devices to bring services to consumer. F-ship is developed in 2 versions: F-ship for shop and F-ship for shipper who receive shipping requests from shop owners.

Version for shop:
  • View and manage shop’s data.
  • Create order for shipping. The order data mainly includes address of start and destination, order value, proposed shipping fee, priority level etc.
  • View the shipper-approved  orders
  • View and manage the list of in-queue-for-shipping orders.
  • Manage the list of orders that need to be approved by shipper
  • View and manage list of orders that have been delivered/ shipped.
  • Rate star-level for shipper.

Version for shipper:

  • Find orders based on distance, address of start and destination.
  • Manage and view order in details.
  • Accept and send shipping agreement to shop.
  • View, manage order data that have been shipped.
  •  Rate star-level for shop

Screen shots