The 6 golden rules for digital transformation success

  • Put the customer first, not the product – In order to help business digitally transform and reach its goals, one must have a clear understanding of what success looks like and whether or not is actually solving customer problems. Put your customers center stage, step into their shoes and speak their language.
  • Capture the data opportunity  It’s important to capture and transport data effectively and securely with cellular, so that it can be analyzed and turned into actionable insights, like a warning to farmers that their stored grains are at risk for spoilage.
  • Start small then scale up – To learn about “failing fast” and how operating similar to a start-up – acting fast, acting early, and testing often – can help drive outcomes.
  • Embrace new ways of working to stay ahead – Digital transformation leaders must understand that the new ways of doing things will be the only path forward, and that being static means being left behind. Cellular connectivity will help you challenge the status quo, scale and build an agile business.
  • Don’t do it alone – Understand how to best collaborate with partners and read about the pitfalls to avoid when creating the right ecosystem.
  • Don’t compromise on security – Dive deep into the importance of security and understand why so many enterprises use cellular technology to provide a coordinated approach, including product security, deployment, operations and management, incident-handling capabilities, traffic encryption, and protection of signaling and interfaces.

The possibilities that IoT, 4G and 5G create for enterprises are limitless but, most importantly, the potential for changing our world for the better has never been so promising. IoT-enabled products and profitable, innovative business models are no longer dreams – customers are making them happen right now.

(According to Ericsson’s blog).