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iBoxNav -The software system to track large vehicles in real-time

What is iBoxNav?

iBoxNav is the system to track large vehicles in real-time using the Internet of Things. Thanks to its global positioning and tracking systems, it can locate vehicles and inform the driver and dispatch control centers of their location and status, helping prevent accidents and providing more efficient operations management. Now, any vehicle with an iBoxNav device can be tracked by anyone through their mobile phone or computer with Internet access.

How does it work?

iBoxNav was built to meet the needs of monitoring, tracking and managing the vehicles in order to increase the efficiency of use as well as saving costs. Our application aimed to serve organizations and transportation enterprises to monitor the vehicle’s position, speed, moving direction and status at anytime. Combined with other features of the vehicle-attached device, it also allows the vehicle’s owner to set up necessary parameters  about the vehicle such as: view the vehicle’s fuel consumption, over-speed warning, in/out the specified area, determine, see the history of vehicle’s movement.

Why should you buy it?

iBoxNav is implemented with many advanced features, and typically reasonable price compared to similar products on the market, suitable for many kind of customers. The product was designed and developed by our talent engineers in collaboration with highly qualified team of Center for Research in IT and Automation (CRIAT) of the University of Transportation. It is also designed openly to add more features to meet the diversity requirements of customers.

Our product plays an important role in helping transporting enterprises to manage their assets easily and scientifically. With the commitment that the quality process is the first priority, we always want to bring to our customers the most practical utilities during operation, production, service and business.

iBoxNav  is available in web, smartphone (iOS, Android) and iPad.