VHCSoft – The Software Services Provider

About Us

Meet our team

Our staffs are engineers and bachelors who have graduated from prestigious universities in Vietnam, having experiences in the design, development and integration of complex software systems and value-added services in many areas, especially in telecommunications sector.

Our culture

Here at VHCSoft, in a place where co-creation and collaboration are embedded in the walls and where our core values of professionalism, respect, and perseverance shine through in everything we do.

Our people philosophies

  • Talent – every individual is a talent. We enable personal impact, growth and development.
  • Performance – at VHCSoft, you get personal feedback, measurable goals, and the opportunity to create your own path and make your own decisions – always with support from your leaders and in close collaboration with your team.
  • Development – we know you usually learn best when you’re challenged by something that has meaning and a clear purpose. We make learning easy by offering technology or learning platforms on mobile to everyone.
  • Leadership – our leaders aim to inspire and ensure the well-being of you and your colleagues, as well as the growth of our business performance and overall company culture.