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We provide a portfolio of products and services that meets the customer’s needs. Explore our offerings to see what we are supporting enterprises.

AD-Keeper – The Integrated Solution for Business Management

AD-KEEPER provides a large range of business functions integrated into one platform and web environment. It’s able to manage any number of subsidiaries, factories, languages, currencies and accounting rules. Use …
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iBoxNav – Online-tracking Vehicles

iBoxNav was built to meet the needs of monitoring, tracking and managing the vehicles in order to increase the efficiency of use as well as saving costs. Our application aimed …
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F-Ship – Connects Shop-Shipper to bring services to consumer

F-ship is designed as smart software to help connect shop owners and shippers via mobile devices to bring services to consumer. F-ship is developed in 2 versions: F-ship for shop …
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v-Work – Effective work management suite

v-Work helps organizations and enterprises better manage performance of their people, assist managers in planning and assigning tasks, and concurrently monitoring the process of completing tasksv-Work brings to user with …
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